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Choosing the best deck on the Carnival Celebration can significantly enhance your cruise. Do you want to be somewhere peaceful, or do you prefer to be near the action? Do you enjoy stunning ocean views or prefer easy access to amenities? The answers to these questions will play a role in your decision.

Carnival Celebration cruise ship captured in an aerial shot as it navigates the waters near Miami, displaying the ship's extensive decks and leisure amenities.

The Carnival Celebration offers a variety of deck options. Each option has its advantages. From premium decks with exclusive amenities to midrange decks that provide a balance of comfort and fun, Carnival Celebration has something for everyone. I’ve researched each deck on the ship and I’ll go through what each deck has to help you decide which is right for you.

The Carnival Celebration has 19 decks in total. The table below gives you a quick snapshot of what staterooms are available on each Deck and the amenities available. This way, you can decide what you would like to be close to.

DeckStateroom TypesAmenities & Restaurants
19NoneLoft 19, pool, BOLT Ultimate Sea Coaster, Ultimate Playground (upper level)
18NoneSerenity Adult-Only area, pool, whirlpools, Fresh Creations, Serenity Pool Bar, Ultimate Playground (lower level), Ropes Course, Sports Court, Outdoor Jogging Track, Carnival Waterworks, Mini-Golf
17Excel Presidential Suite, Ocean Suite, Cloud 9 Spa StateroomsRedFrog Tiki Bar (upper level), Guy’s Burger Joint, The Warehouse, Circle C, Club O2
16Interior, Oceanview, Balcony, Cloud 9 Spa, Havana CabanaBlueIguana Cantina, Seafood Shack, Street Eats, Beach Pool, whirlpool, RedFrog Tiki Bar (lower level), Lido Marketplace, Big Chicken, Tides Pool Bar, Tides Pool
15-9Interior, Oceanview, Balcony, Cloud 9 Spa, Havana CabanaStaterooms only
8Havana Cabana Suite, Havana Cabana Cabin, Interior CabinHavana Bar and Pool, Havana Lounge, Dreams Studio, Pixels Gallery, Bonsai Teppanyaki, Bonsai Sushi, Celebration Central, The Fun Shops, Cucina del Capitano, Pixels Gallery, 820 Biscayne zone, Bar 820, Miami Slice, Deco Deli, Rudi’s Seagrill, Carnival Adventures, Guest Services, Summer Landing zone, Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse/Brewhouse, Heroes Tribute Lounge, The Watering Hole, The Patio, Patio Pool, whirlpools
7NoneGrand Spectrum Theater (upper level), Empress Casino, Celebration Central, Aquaria Bar, The Fun Shops, Limelight Lounge, Alchemy Bar, Farenheit 555 Steakhouse, Dreams Studio, Festivale Restaurant (upper level)
6NoneGrand Spectrum Theater (lower level), Cloud 9 Fitness, Cloud 9 Spa (upper level), Piano Bar 88, The Punchliner Comedy Club, Tropicale Bar, JavaBlue Café, Cherry on Top, Celebration Central, Center Stage Bar, Center Stage, The Fun Shops, The Gateway zone, Carnivale Restaurant, Carnival Kitchen, Conference Room, Festivale Restaurant
5NoneThermal Suites, Thalassotherapy Pool, Cloud 9 Spa (lower level), The Salon, The Chef’s Table
4Family Harbor OceanView Suite, Family Harbor Cabin, Interior CabinFamily Harbor Lounge, Camp Ocean, Dr. Seuss Bookville

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Deck 19 and 18 have no rooms. Deck 19 has the Ultimate Playground, including the BOLT Ultimate Sea Coaster rollercoaster at the back of the ship and Loft 19, a spa, at the front of the ship.

The Ultimate Playground on Carnival Celebration features a row of cozy, semi-private, basket-weave loungers with vibrant yellow cushions, overlooking the ocean with a whimsical mural in the background, inviting relaxation amidst playful surroundings.
Ultimate Playground

Whereas Deck 18 has pools, the sports court, the ropes course, mini golf and Carnival Waterworks. It is also home to the Serenity Adult-Only area, where you can unwind.

The Serenity Adult-Only Retreat on Carnival Celebration features a chic pool area shaded by elegant white canopies, with luxurious daybeds and a bar in the background, all designed to provide a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere for guests to enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze.
Serenity Adult-Only Retreat

Deck 17

Deck 17 offers a mix of leisure and luxury. It houses the upper level of the RedFrog Tiki Bar and popular dining options like Guy’s Burger Joint. The Warehouse, Circle C, and Club O2 also provide engaging activities. With luxurious Excel Presidential Suites and Ocean Suites, this deck is ideal for those seeking a premium stay close to top amenities.

The RedFrog Tiki Bar on Carnival Celebration boasts a vibrant tropical atmosphere with its thatched roof and carved wooden accents, surrounded by inviting blue poolside loungers, all under the clear blue sky with a picturesque mountainous backdrop.
RedFrog Tiki Bar

Deck 16

A hub for gastronomy and relaxation, Deck 16 features a variety of eateries, including BlueIguana Cantina and Seafood Shack. The Beach Pool and whirlpool are perfect for unwinding. The presence of standard to luxury staterooms, including Cloud 9 Spa and Havana Cabana, makes this deck an excellent choice for those who wish to stay close to dining and pool facilities.

The BlueIguana Cantina on Carnival Celebration offers a tantalizing display of fresh ingredients at the salsa bar, with a clean, inviting design featuring warm wood tones and vibrant blue accents, ready to serve up delicious Mexican fare to cruise guests.
BlueIguana Cantina

Deck 15

Deck 15 on the Carnival Celebration Cruise is an attractive choice for many, especially those who enjoy being close to the excitement. This deck is just one flight of stairs below the pool deck, making it an excellent spot for sun lovers. However, keep in mind that being so close to the pool deck can come with its own challenges.

For instance, the noise from early risers claiming their sun loungers can sometimes be heard from the rooms on Deck 15. If you’re a light sleeper or plan to sleep in, you might want to consider this factor. Despite this, many cruisers find the convenience of Deck 15’s location worth the occasional noise.

Deck 14

Deck 14 on the Carnival Celebration Cruise is often considered a happy medium. Like Deck 15, it’s conveniently located near the action, but it also offers a step back from the hustle and bustle. You can enjoy the ship’s amenities without being right in the heart of the activity.

Being one deck below Deck 15, you can still enjoy easy access to the pool deck without having rooms directly underneath it. This means you can avoid the potential noise from people setting up their sun loungers early in the morning. It would be great for those who value peaceful sleep while staying close to the pool area.

If you’re looking for a balance between action and relaxation, Deck 14 is the perfect choice for your Carnival Celebration Cruise.

Deck 12 to 9

Primarily consisting of staterooms, these decks are perfect for guests looking for a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the ship’s main attractions. You’ll find a range of stateroom options, from Interior to Balcony, Cloud 9 Spa, and Havana Cabana.

The Havana Cabana on Carnival Celebration features a spacious room with a refreshing coastal vibe, complete with a comfortable sofa adorned with colorful pillows, a large window offering ocean views, and vibrant artwork adding a touch of Cuban flair.
Havana Cabana

Deck 8

Deck 8 is a cultural and entertainment hotspot, featuring the Havana Bar and Pool, Havana Lounge, and various dining venues like Bonsai Teppanyaki and Rudi’s Seagrill. The Summer Landing zone includes Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse/Brewhouse. With Havana Cabana Suites and Cabins, this deck is ideal for those wanting a culturally rich experience with easy access to diverse amenities.

The Havana Bar on Carnival Celebration exudes a cozy and sophisticated charm with its eclectic mix of plush vintage-style seating, warm lighting, and a rich color palette, inviting guests to unwind in a space reminiscent of a classic Cuban lounge.
Havana Bar

Deck 7

This deck is home to the Grand Spectrum Theater and Empress Casino, offering high-quality entertainment and gaming. You’ll also find Celebration Central and an array of bars and restaurants. However, Deck 7 has no rooms available.

Inside the Empress Casino on Carnival Celebration, a blackjack table is set against a backdrop of vibrant slot machines and digital jackpot displays, with the warm glow of overhead lighting creating an inviting environment for gaming enthusiasts.
Empress Casino

Deck 6

Featuring the lower level of the Grand Spectrum Theater, Cloud 9 Fitness, and various dining and entertainment venues, Deck 6 is perfect for guests who want to stay active and engaged. With no staterooms, it’s all about the experience.

The Grand Spectrum Theater on Carnival Celebration, with its sea of plush blue seats ready for an audience, is illuminated by dramatic blue lighting that highlights the spacious interior and the stage set for captivating performances.
Grand Spectrum Theater

Deck 5

Deck 5 is a haven of relaxation with the Thermal Suites, Thalassotherapy Pool, and the lower level of Cloud 9 Spa. The Chef’s Table offers an exclusive dining experience.

The Chef's Table on Carnival Celebration presents an exclusive dining setup with elegantly laid tables, contemporary chairs, and a striking overhead display of suspended glassware, creating an upscale and intimate atmosphere for a gourmet culinary experience.
The Chef’s Table

Deck 4

Ideal for families, Deck 4 features the Family Harbor Lounge, Camp Ocean, and Dr. Seuss Bookville. The Family Harbor OceanView Suites and Cabins provide comfortable family accommodations.

The Family Harbor Lounge on Carnival Celebration, a spacious and inviting area designed for family fun, features modern wooden furniture, playful lighting, and a variety of entertainment options, creating a comfortable space for relaxation and play.
Family Harbor Lounge

You must consider a few factors when selecting the ideal deck on the Carnival Celebration cruise ship.

Avoiding Decks With Potential Noise Issues

Each deck on the Carnival Celebration offers unique features and benefits. However, some decks might have potential noise issues that could impact your relaxation. Deck 15 looks like a steal to novice cruisers. After all, you’re just a flight of stairs away from the pool. However, you may face noise issues when you stay below the pool deck.

Early risers like to get to the pool deck to secure a lounger; when they do, they often drag it across the wooden deck floor. This can create substantial noise in your room, especially if you like to sleep in. Therefore, if peace and quiet are important to you, you might want to consider choosing a stateroom on a deck away from the pool area.

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Considering Proximity to Ship Amenities

The Carnival Celebration cruise ship offers several amenities spread across its various decks. When choosing your deck, it’s essential to consider your proximity to these amenities.

For instance, Deck 16 is near several dining options, including Bonsai Sushi, making it an excellent choice for food lovers. On the other hand, Decks 17 and 19 offer easy access to bars like Bar 820 and the Watering Hole, perfect for those who enjoy a good social scene.

Decks 11, 12, and 14 offer a good balance of proximity to amenities and tranquility. These decks are a stone’s throw away from the Tropicale Bar and other recreational facilities yet far enough from high-traffic areas to ensure a peaceful stay. Remember, the Carnival Celebration is a large vessel, and being closer to your preferred amenities can significantly enhance your cruise experience.

The Tropicale Bar on Carnival Celebration, adorned with a stunning mosaic backdrop of tropical foliage, offers a vibrant setting with green bar stools and patterned armchairs, perfect for enjoying a refreshing cocktail in a lively, stylish atmosphere.
Tropicale Bar

When choosing your stateroom for the Carnival Celebration, several factors come into play. Your choice will largely depend on what you want and value the most during your cruise. Some passengers prefer rooms with a view, while others prioritise proximity to the ship’s amenities.

A standout stateroom option is the Patio Pool Stateroom, which offers direct access to the Patio Pool. Imagine waking up and stepping straight into a refreshing pool experience! This room type offers a unique feature that sets it apart from others, making it one of the top stateroom choices on the Carnival Celebration.

Interior Rooms on the Carnival Celebration

When it comes to budget-friendly options on the Carnival Celebration, the interior staterooms are a top pick. Despite being the smallest in the fleet, they offer a comfortable and modern environment. The rooms are designed for those who plan to spend most of their time exploring the ship’s amenities, seeing this space as a place to sleep, change, or take a quick break.

In terms of variety, the Carnival Celebration doesn’t disappoint. Among the options, you’ll find the premium interior rooms, which stand out with their unique square layout, unlike the traditional elongated design. This means that if you opt for twin beds, they can be arranged at right angles, providing more open space.

Ocean View Rooms on the Carnival Celebration

For many passengers, the idea of a windowless room is a bit off-putting. If you belong to this category, you’ll find the ocean-view staterooms on the Carnival Celebration to be a great choice. Unlike many cruise ships, these rooms on Carnival cruises are reasonably spacious, averaging over 80 square feet. They offer a refreshing natural light and a mesmerizing view of the ocean.

Although pricier than the interior rooms, ocean-view staterooms are less expensive than the balcony rooms, making them an excellent middle-ground option. Among the standout choices are the Havana staterooms and the Excel suites, both offering a comfortable living room space. However, if you fancy a corner suite, the Excel corner suite might be right up your alley, offering a blend of luxury and comfort.

The Excel Suite on Carnival Celebration offers a sleek, modern retreat with a spacious king-size bed, a well-appointed living area leading to a balcony with ocean views, and a stylish workspace, combining luxury and comfort for an exceptional cruise experience.
Excel Suite

Balcony Rooms on the Carnival Celebration

Want to truly immerse in the beauty of the ocean? Choose a balcony stateroom. These rooms offer a private balcony, allowing you to enjoy the fresh sea air and stunning views. From the Junior Balcony to the Extended Balcony, there are numerous options to choose from.

One of the standout balcony staterooms is the Cove Balcony. This room offers an impressive 205 square feet of space. What makes it special is its 44 square feet of private balcony space, allowing you to bask in the sea’s beauty without leaving your room. Whether you’re enjoying a morning coffee or watching the sunset, these balcony rooms provide a memorable cruising experience.

A Cove Balcony stateroom on Carnival Celebration, featuring a serene color palette with ocean-inspired art, offers a restful ambiance with a comfortable bed, a cozy seating area, and a private balcony that opens up to sweeping sea views, blending indoor luxury with the beauty of the sea.
Cove Balcony

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