Can You Smoke on Carnival Cruise?

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Have you ever wondered about the smoking policies on a Carnival cruise? Whether you’re a smoker or just curious, it’s important to know the ins and outs of what’s allowed and where. Carnival Cruise Line, like many others, has set specific rules to accommodate smokers while ensuring the comfort of all passengers.

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In this article, I’ll go into the details of Carnival’s smoking policy. While I’m not a smoker myself, I’ve thoroughly researched this topic to provide information for those who are.

Can you smoke on a Carnival cruise?

You’re allowed to smoke aboard a Carnival Cruise. However, you have to follow the cruise line’s rules and regulations. Carnival Cruise lines, like other cruise ships, have specific smoking policies in place. While cigarette smoking is permitted, It’s limited to designated smoking areas

Carnival’s Smoking Policy

Carnival Cruise Line’s smoking policy accommodates smokers while maintaining the comfort of all guests. You’ll find designated indoor and outdoor smoking areas on most of their cruise ships. However, indoor smoking is restricted to the casino area and is only allowed while seated and playing.

Some exceptions, like the Carnival Luminosa, don’t allow smoking anywhere. Also, you can smoke outdoors during embarkation and debarkation due to refuelling. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand these rules before you light up.

Onboard Health and Safety Concerning Smoking

As a passenger on a Carnival cruise, consider the health and safety of all onboard when it comes to smoking. Carnival’s smoking policy is designed with the well-being of all guests in mind, aiming to balance the needs of smokers and non-smokers alike.


Ignorance of Carnival Cruise smoking rules can lead to unpleasant consequences. It’s essential to adhere to the no-smoking policy in all non-designated areas. Violating this can lead to a hefty fine.

You can smoke in the casino if you’re seated and playing. Disobeying this rule can result in you being escorted out. Furthermore, you can’t smoke at the casino bar, no matter whether the casino is open. So, follow the rules to avoid penalties.

The Casino Bar on Carnival Radiance, displaying a sleek and modern design with a red and black color scheme. The bar features contemporary stools and a polished counter, with gaming machines in close proximity, offering a convenient spot for guests to grab a drink between games in the bustling casino atmosphere.
Casino Bar on Carnival Radiance

Options for Smokers

Despite the strict smoking rules, Carnival Cruise offers a variety of options for smokers. These include designated smoking areas and specific allowances within the casino. Additionally, there are also provisions to purchase tobacco products on board. Just remember to follow the guidelines and respect other guests to ensure a pleasant experience for all.

Smoking in the Casino

The casino is one of the few places on the Carnival Cruise where smoking is permitted. But remember, you can only smoke when you’re seated and playing. Carnival strictly enforces this rule to ensure its guests’ comfort. So, follow this rule if you’re planning to enjoy a smoke while testing your luck.

A group of friends at a roulette table in the casino on Carnival Breeze, visibly excited and engaged in the game. They are sharing a fun moment, with expressions of joy and anticipation, drinks in hand, as they participate in the lively and vibrant casino atmosphere.
Casino on Carnival Breeze

You can’t smoke at the bar, even when the casino is closed. The rule is in place to ensure that the bar remains a smoke-free zone for those wanting to enjoy a drink without the smell of tobacco smoke.

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Rules for Different Types of Smoking

Whether you enjoy a traditional cigarette or prefer e-cigarettes or vapes, it’s crucial to understand the unique rules for each type of smoking on a Carnival Cruise. All types of smoking are regulated. The rules vary depending on where you are on the ship and the specific smoking device.

E-Cigarettes and Vapes

When it comes to using e-cigarettes and vapes on Carnival cruises, the rules are straightforward. These types of smoking devices are allowed, but only in certain areas. You can’t use them in staterooms or on balconies. You can use them in the casino if you’re seated and playing. But no smoking at the casino bar.

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Cigars and Pipes

Carnival Cruise Lines also has specific guidelines for those who prefer smoking cigars or pipes. These tobacco products are allowed onboard, but you can’t use them outside designated smoking areas.

You can’t smoke cigars or pipes while you’re in your stateroom or on the balcony. This rule helps prevent potential fire hazards and maintains a smoke-free environment. So, if you’re a cigar or pipe smoker, keep track of the ship’s designated smoking areas.

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Is Marijuana Allowed Onboard Carnival Ships?

A common question many travellers have is whether marijuana is allowed on Carnival ships. The answer is no. Even if you have a prescription or a letter from your doctor, marijuana and all CBD products are strictly prohibited onboard. This policy is in place because these items are illegal in many ports that Carnival cruises visit.

Travel Documentation and Online Check-in

Certain travel documents are necessary for smokers when planning your Carnival cruise. For example, if you plan on purchasing tobacco products onboard, you’ll need to present valid identification to prove you’re of legal smoking age. Furthermore, they will ask you to acknowledge and agree to Carnival’s smoking policy during the online check-in process.

Dealing With Smoke-Related Issues Onboard

When you’re on a Carnival cruise, you may run into situations where the smell of smoke becomes bothersome. However, there are several strategies you can employ to manage these situations effectively.

Handling Unpleasant Encounters With Smoke

The first step in dealing with unpleasant encounters with smoke is to understand the smoking policies onboard. All cruise ships, including Carnival, have designated smoking areas. These areas are often limited to certain parts of the ship, such as the casino, to ensure the comfort of all passengers.

If you come across a passenger smoking outside these designated areas, you can report it to the ship’s staff. They are trained to handle such situations and will do so.

Smelling Smoke From Neighbouring Cabins

Smelling smoke from neighbouring cabins can be a nuisance, especially if you’re a non-smoker. If you suspect your neighbours are smoking in their cabin, contact Guest Services. They can handle this situation professionally.

The Bottom Line

As a guest, it’s essential to understand that Carnival Cruise Lines has made efforts to accommodate those who wish to smoke on their cruise. However, remember that you can smoke in designated areas, such as the casino, where you can enjoy a smoke while seated and playing.

On certain ships, like the Carnival Luminosa, smoking is not permitted indoors at all, even in the casino. This rule is in place to ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers. It’s also important to remember that public areas are generally smoke-free zones, so please respect your fellow passengers by adhering to these rules.

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