Is the Cheers Drinks Package a Carnival Cruise Must-Have?

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Nothing beats relaxing by the pool with a refreshing drink on a cruise. If you enjoy having a good time with a drink in hand, the Cheers package from Carnival Cruise Line might be something you’re considering.

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But is the Cheers Package worth it? To answer, you need to consider the package’s cost and your drinking habits and preferences. The worth of the Cheers package depends on how much you drink on your cruise.

Carnival Cruise Line’s Cheers Package

The Carnival Cheers Package is a beverage plan offered by Carnival Cruise Line. With it, you can enjoy numerous drinks for a flat daily fee. Plus, you don’t need to perform mental calculations about your bar tab. The package covers drinks priced $20 and under, including most of the beverages on the ship.

You don’t have to worry about the cost of individual drinks, making it a convenient and easy way to enjoy beverages during your cruise. It’s an easy way to budget and enjoy your cruise experience without stressing about costs. All you need to do is pay the daily fee and enjoy all the drinks you want.

Purchasing the Carnival Cheers Package

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The purchase process for the Cheers Package is straightforward. It’s available before or on your cruise’s first day. But there’s a catch. If one person in a cabin gets the Cheers package, everyone over 21 in the same cabin must do it. This prevents the package from being shared among different people.

Once you buy it, you can use the Cheers Package every day of the cruise. You don’t need to renew it daily or keep track of your drinking days. You can just relax and enjoy your drinks.

Carnival Cheers Package Pricing

The pricing for Carnival Cruise Line’s Cheers! Beverage package varies depending on when and how you purchase it, as well as the length of the cruise. Here’s a detailed breakdown based on recent updates:

Pricing for Short Sailings (5 Days or Less):

  • If purchased before the cruise, the price is $69.95 per person per day.
  • If purchased onboard, the price is $74.95 per person per day.
  • Both options include an additional 18% service charge.

Pricing for Sailings (5 Days or More):

  • When purchased online before the cruise, the price was $59.95 per person per day plus an 18% service charge.
  • When purchased onboard, it was $64.95 per person per day plus the 18% service charge.

However, it’s important to note that these prices are subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest information directly with Carnival Cruise Line.

Here’s What’s Included

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The Carnival Cheers package can make your cruise experience more enjoyable. But you need to know what’s included and what’s not.

The Cheers package on Carnival Cruise Line is akin to a liquid buffet at sea, offering extensive drink options for a flat fee. It encompasses beverages priced at $20 and under, including almost all the drinks on the ship. The package allows guests to enjoy up to fifteen alcoholic drinks every twenty-four hours, with the daily count resetting at 6 a.m. This makes it an ideal choice for those who wish to indulge in late-night festivities without the concern of a mounting bar tab. Additionally, while the Cheers package can cover the first drink in a round, subsequent drinks ordered for friends will be billed to your account.

The Cheers package is comprehensive, covering a wide array of beverages:

  1. Alcoholic Beverages: All spirits, including a vast selection of cocktails, as well as beer and wine by the glass, provided they have a menu price of $20.00 or less.
  2. Non-Alcoholic Options: This includes sodas, Zero-Proof frozen cocktails, energy drinks, specialty coffees, hot tea, 500ml bottled water, and other non-alcoholic bottled beverages.
  3. Dining Room and Specialty Restaurants: Packaged water is also included when dining in these areas.
  4. Discounts on Premium Drinks and Classes:
    • A 25% discount off the menu price for any spirit or wine by the glass above $20.00.
    • Similarly, a 25% discount is offered for wine and champagne by the bottle.
    • Additionally, guests can avail of a 25% discount on beverage seminars and classes, enhancing their cruise experience.

You can enjoy these beverages in various locations on the ship, such as at the Havana bar, self-serve beer stations, or even at the gangway. Wine lovers can make use of wine machines for a self-serve glass of their choice. The package also includes shareable drinks, making it perfect for those looking to enjoy a social drink with friends and family.

Items the Package Doesn’t Cover

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There are a few items excluded from the Cheers package. It’s essential to be aware of these to avoid unexpected charges. Items not covered by the Cheers package include:

  1. Beverages in Souvenir Glasses: Any drinks promoted and sold in souvenir glasses are not included in the package.
  2. Bottles of Liquor: The package does not cover full bottles of liquor.
  3. Gangway Beverages: Drinks offered at the gangway are excluded from the package.
  4. Room Service and Mini Bars: Beverages ordered through room service, minibars, and in-stateroom beverage programs are not covered.
  5. Shared Drinks: Sharing cocktails, as well as floaters, pitchers, tubes, and buckets, are not included. Remember, any shared drinks will count towards your daily limit of 15 alcoholic beverages.
  6. Private Parties and Events: Beverages offered at private parties and events are not part of the Cheers package.
  7. Additional Beverage-Related Items: All other beverage-related programs, including merchandise, cigars, and cigarettes, are excluded.
  8. Food Items: The package does not cover any food items.

Is the Cheers Package Worth it?

To help you decide whether the Cheers Package is worth it or not, I have broken down some factors that you might want to take into consideration:

Personal Drinking Habits

When I think about how much I typically drink, the Cheers package’s limit of up to 15 alcoholic beverages per day comes into perspective. If you’re like me and don’t drink lots, then it’s probably not worth it. However, it’s especially beneficial for those who love to indulge in various drinks while on holiday.

Also, I always advise evaluating your preference for alcoholic versus non-alcoholic beverages before opting for the package. It covers a broad spectrum, including specialty coffees and sodas. These drinks can be quite costly when bought individually, so the package might offer good value if you enjoy a mix of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Comparison with Individual Drink Prices

When I compare the daily rate of the Cheers package with the cost of individual drinks on board, it becomes clear how the package could be economical. Carnival’s drink prices vary widely, typically ranging from $6 to $20. If you plan on enjoying several of the higher-priced drinks each day, much like I do, the Cheers package can provide good value.

Convenience Factor

One of the biggest advantages of the Cheers package, from my perspective, is the sheer convenience it offers. There’s a certain peace of mind in not having to worry about the accumulating cost of each drink. This ease can significantly enhance the relaxation and enjoyment of your cruise experience, allowing you to fully immerse in the holiday without financial concerns nagging at the back of your mind.

Free Drinks Already Included

It’s worth noting that Carnival includes several free drinks, such as tap water, tea, coffee, milk, and juice, especially at breakfast. If, like me, you find that your beverage consumption largely aligns with these complimentary offerings, you might not find the Cheers package necessary. This is a crucial consideration for anyone looking to economize or who prefers lighter drinking options.

Consideration of Package Limitations

An important aspect to bear in mind about the Cheers package are its exclusions, which include drinks in souvenir glasses, bottles of liquor, and beverages ordered through room service. If elements like these form an essential part of your cruise experience, as they sometimes do for me, it’s necessary to factor in these additional costs. Understanding these limitations upfront helps in making a more informed decision about whether the package aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

My Verdict

After evaluating all the aspects of the Carnival Cheers Package, the final verdict can be tricky. It all depends on several factors, such as individual drinking habits, the types of beverages you prefer, and how much you value convenience.

Personally, I find that the package offers substantial savings and convenience for those who enjoy a variety of alcoholic and specialty drinks. However, if you stick mainly to complimentary beverages or prefer just a drink or two per day, the package might not be the most cost-effective option.

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