A Glimpse into MSC Cruises’ 2024 Drinks (With Menus and Prices)

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If you’re soon going on an MSC Cruise, it can be useful to look at the drinks menus before you go so you know what’s available, work out your budget and help you consider whether to get a drinks package.

Two smiling women holding tropical drinks with straws, garnished with fruit, in a lively and colorful bar area onboard a cruise ship, with other guests and a distinctive spiral sculpture in the background.

MSC offers five drinks packages. I recently (January 2024) went on the MSC Euribia and got the Easy Drinks Package. This article will give you the rundown of everything you need to see if it’s worth it or not.

When I was on the cruise, I took photos of all the drink menus in the bars and restaurants. This way, you can see what to expect.

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Exploring the Variety of MSC Cruises Drink Menus

On each MSC ship, they have various bars and sometimes there will be the same menu, which is used in more than one venue.

For instance, you’ll discover the Pool Bar Menu at every outdoor bar, in addition to the Tropical Bar located near the indoor pool. The majority of cocktail bars will feature an identical Cocktail Bar Menu.

However, there are some beverage menus exclusive to certain locations, like the Champagne bar.

A smiling woman sitting at a bar in a modern lounge, holding a cocktail, with elegant interior decor and other patrons in the background.
I am enjoying a Strawberry Mimosa at the Champagne Bar.

It’s also worth knowing that most of the time, MSC Cruises uses online menus. On each table, there’s a QR code to scan on your mobile phone, and you’ll be able to see the menu. To get this to work, you need to connect to the ship’s wifi. This won’t cost you anything, and you won’t need a wifi package to do this.

However, if you ask a member of staff, they will be able to get you a paper menu if you prefer.

How to order drinks

While the menus are accessible online, ordering drinks directly through the internet isn’t an option on MSC Cruises. You simply need to inform a server about your preferred choice.

In the buffet area on some ships, there’s a convenient button on your table, which you can press, and a waiter will be there within a few minutes.

How much do drinks cost on MSC Cruises?

The drink prices on MSC Cruises ships are about £8 for a beer, £9 for a wine glass, £10 for a cocktail, and £3 for a non-alcoholic drink, which is similar to prices of other cruise lines. 

But here are the photos of all the MSC Cruises drinks menus with the latest pricing…

British Pub Drinks Menu

The British Pub on MSC Euribia is called Masters of the Seas. On other MSC ships, it is sometimes called The Brass Anchor.

A close-up view of two refreshing cocktails on a bar table, accompanied by a bowl of snacks and a 'Bars & Lounges' menu stand, with the dark-toned interior of a lounge in the background.

For draught beer lovers, there are selections from Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, England, and the USA, including notable options such as Affligem, Franziskaner, Guinness, and Heineken. There are also bottled beer options available, including lagers like Budweiser and Dos Equis, pilsners, stouts like Guinness, and abbey beers such as Leffe Blonde.

Moreover, the menu also offers Chasers to accompany your beer with a spirit, such as Jack Daniel’s Rye, Maker’s Mark Bourbon, or Grey Goose Vodka.

The pricing for draught beers ranges from €7.50 to €8.50, with the option of a double pint for €13.00 and an extra-large mug described as “for extra large thirsts.” Bottled beers are priced at €7.00, with a few exceptions. The pub also provides a variety of tequilas, vodkas, and even Jägermeister.

Here’s a closer look at the menu…

British pub menu
British pub menu

Wine List & Restaurant Drinks Menu

Within the Main Dining Rooms, the lunch and dinner offerings include a ‘Sommelier Recommends’ category, presenting a curated choice of daily wines.

You also have access to the full wine list. For guests with a drinks package, opting for wine by the glass is the most beneficial, as the packages do not cover bottle purchases.

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Here’s a closer look at the menu…

Wine List & Restaurant Drinks Menu

Marketplace Buffet Drinks Menu

The Marketplace Buffet on MSC Cruises has a straightforward selection of beverages, including beers, wines, soft drinks, and coffee.

During breakfast, machine-dispensed coffee and fruit juices are available. These beverages are complimentary for all guests, irrespective of whether they have a drinks package or not, and while they’re ok, they are not the best.

However, those with a drinks package have the option to request freshly squeezed juices and specialty coffees like lattes or cappuccinos. 

Here is the drinks menu…

Marketplace Buffet Drinks Menu

Pool Bar Menu

If you’re planning on lounging by the pool in the sun, there are cocktails and other drinks to enjoy.

Whenever you order a drink at the poolside, it is served in a good quality plastic glass. It’s important to note that on MSC Cruises, you are not permitted to bring your drinks into the pools or hot tubs.

Here’s a closer look at what’s on the menu…

Pool bar menu
Pool bar menu

Champagne Bar Menu

The Champagne Bar was one of my favourite places to get a drink on the MSC Euribia. There’s a nice atmosphere and good drinks too. I particularly like the Strawberry Mimosa. 

Yummy strawberry champagned served on a  white marble table.

Here’s a closer look at what’s on the menu…

champagne bar menu
Champagne bar menu

Cocktail Bar Menu

The cocktail bar menu from MSC Cruises is available in many of the indoor bars and lounges, including venues like the Sky Lounge.

Appetizing orange cocktail with a slice of citrus fruit on the lip of the glass.
Miami Vice’s on the MSC Euribia

As well as cocktails, you’ll find a large selection of beers, wines, spirits, and hot drinks.

Cocktail Bar Menu
Cocktail Bar Menu
Cocktail Bar Menu
Cocktail Bar Menu

LE Grill

Le Grill on MSC Euribia is a speciality restaurant that serves French food. It’s a place where guests can enjoy the ambience of a French Brasserie, with a focus on shared dishes like seafood platters, caviar, and chargrilled aged Black Angus beef.

If you plan on dining in specialty restaurants, it’s important to note that if you have the Easy Drinks Package, your drinks will not be included. However, the Easy Plus or Premium Extra packages are included.

Although I didn’t get to experience this restaurant, I did manage to get the prices on the menu for you…

Minibar Price List

In each stateroom on MSC Cruises, there is a refrigerated minibar that is refilled daily. However, it’s important to note that these drinks from the minibar are not included in the standard drinks package, but sometimes they are included in some upgrade drinks packages or in Yacht Club Suites.

MSC Starship Club Drinks Menu

On the Euribia, the Starship Club is not available, however, it is on the MSC Virtuosa. This is where a robot bartender called Rob makes drinks for you.

A modern robot staff present on the counter of MSC Starship Club.

At the bar, you have the option to select a drink via the touchscreens available. There’s an assortment of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on offer, or you can concoct your own creation.

Beverages crafted by Rob are priced at £18 for those with alcohol and £10 for the alcohol-free versions. Each drink is served in a commemorative cup, which comes with a box for you to take home as a keepsake.

Drinks made by the robot aren’t included in the MSC drinks packages, but you can order from a bartender instead if you want a drink from the drinks package.

Helios Wine Bar

The Helios Wine Bar on the MSC Euribia presents an immersive digital experience for wine enthusiasts. With a selection of 96 different wines available, guests can explore a wide range of tastes and preferences. 

The bar is equipped with state-of-the-art multi-touch tables that are activated by digital coasters. This setup allows guests to learn about the origins, varieties, and regions of wine-making associated with each wine they choose to sample.

 Interactive digital display for a wine masterclass, with empty wine glasses lined up above descriptions of Old World and New World wines. The display is in a social setting with individuals seated in the background.

To enhance the wine-tasting experience, the bar offers food pairings that include cheeses, cured meats, finger foods, and nuts, all carefully chosen to complement the wines. The Helios Wine Bar also hosts Masterclasses, giving guests the opportunity to deepen their understanding of wine and develop their connoisseur skills.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the specific prices for the wines at the Helios Wine Bar. However, when speaking to a member of staff, she explained drinks are not included within the drinks package, so I imagine they are pricey, but if you like fine wine, it may be worth the experience.

Interactive digital display for a wine masterclass, with empty wine glasses lined up above descriptions of Old World and New World wines. The display is in a social setting with individuals seated in the background.

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