What’s Cooking in MSC’s Main Dining Room?

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If you’re planning a cruise with MSC, it’s useful to know what’s on offer in the main dining room. I recently took a cruise on the MSC Euribia and ate in the dining room a few times.

Elegant looking main dining room of MSC Euribia with brown chairs and beautiful white table covers

In this post, I’ll share with you what food is on offer on the main dining room menus and some photos of the food I enjoyed.

My Experience in the Main Dining Room

Two smiling women holding tropical drinks with straws, garnished with fruit, in a lively and colorful bar area onboard a cruise ship, with other guests and a distinctive spiral sculpture in the background.

Before going into the details, I want to mention that in the past, MSC has not had the best reputation for food. However, this wasn’t my experience. 

The food was good quality, and I enjoyed it. Although I would not consider myself a “foodie”, I just enjoy a simple meal. I must admit, though, I have had better food on other cruises, such as Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. Nevertheless, I was still happy with what I had and felt it was good value, especially as I only paid £99 for the cruise!

What’s on Offer

After being seated you’ll be asked what you would like from the drinks menu, and you’ll be offered a large selection of bread with butter. This was left on the side of our table to help ourselves as we wished. I was very impressed with the wide range of bread, which was nice to enjoy while you waited for your food to arrive.

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The menu is different each day, so if you’re on a week’s cruise, you’ll have plenty to choose from. We went for lunch and dinner in the main dining room, both offered a three-course meal.

Below are examples from my cruise’s lunch and dinner menus to give you an idea of what might be served on your MSC Cruise.


  • Crispy vegetable spring rolls with spicy sweet-and-sour dip
  • Chef’s salad with lettuce, tomato wedges, hard-boiled egg, Emmental cheese, cooked ham, roast turkey and roast beef. Available dressings: Thousand Islands, Caesar, ranch, Italian, blue cheese, French, honey mustard, low-calorie yogurt
  • Cream of sweetcorn soup with diced chicken
  • Cuttlefish salad with sweet-and-sour vegetable caponata
  • Roast beef-wrapped asparagus en Bellevue with a Russian salad
  • Aubergines parmigiana Neapolitan-style fried aubergines au u gratin with basil tomato sauce and mozzarella
  • Williams salad mixed greens, pears, celery, caramelised walnuts. Available dressings: Thousand Islands, Caesar, ranch, Italian, blue cheese, French, honey mustard, low-calorie yoghurt
  • Cider onion soup with cheese and apple toasts
A fresh vegetable salad served one of MSC Euribia's restaurants.

This is the Williams Salad with Mixed Greens

A delicious looking spring roll dish served on a clean white plate with a sweet and spicy sauce.

This is the Spring Rolls with sweet-and-sour dip

Main Course

  • Tagliatelle with seafood tossed in a garlic San Marzano tomato sauce with little neck clams, black mussels and shrimp, garnished with fresh basil leaves. 
  • Oven-roasted monkfish fillet with vegetables and herbs, caramelised carrots, parslied potatoes
  • Chicken Parmesan with tomato sauce, mozzarella melt, potato, carrot and courgette sauté
  • Prawns Marie Rose on crispy baguette, potato chips
  • Vegetarian cheeseburger with potato vegetable burger with Emmental cheese and marinated dried tomatoes, potato chips
  • Vegetable curry with coriander and pita bread
  • Tagliatelle with veal sauce and porcini mushrooms Pumpkin shrimp risotto creamy arborio rice with diced pumpkin, Atlantic shrimp, rocket pesto
  • Dill-flavoured gilthead bream in a thin sauce of artichokes, potatoes and Taggiasca olives
  • Rib-eye steak in red wine jus with mushrooms and shallot, roast potatoes, buttered green beans
  • Spinach, quinoa and potato burger mesclun greens, avocado dressing
  • Classic Roast: Braised beef in a rich meat and vegetable sauce flavoured with red wine, sautéed carrots with garlic and parsley, potato purée
An appetizing burger and fries combo with a slice of fresh tomato.

This is the Vegetarian cheeseburger with fries – this is my kind of lunch!

A gourmet vegetarian dish featuring a spinach, quinoa, and potato burger served alongside mesclun greens, garnished with an artistic swirl of avocado dressing on a white plate. The presentation is elegant, focusing on the textures and colors of the healthy ingredients.

This is the Spinach, quinoa, potato burger, mesclun greens, and avocado dressing.


  • International cheese selection with grapes and marmalade
  • English trifle, layer dessert with custard, soaked sponge cake, fruit, jam and whipped cream
  • Peach Melba with vanilla ice cream, peach and raspberry sauce
  • Ice cream and sorbet
  • Apple crumble pie
  • Fresh fruit plate
  • Limoncello cake, limoncello cream, sponge cake, wild berry coulis
  • Royal cake – dark chocolate mousse, crunchy praline, vanilla anglaise
  • Wildberry cobbler, almond crumble, vanilla ice cream
A yummy slice of a chocolate moose cake served on one of the MSC Euribia restaurants

This is the Royal cake – dark chocolate mousse, crunchy praline, vanilla anglaise. I really liked this as I have such a sweet tooth.

A dessert glass filled with scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, a classic treat to enjoy after a meal. The image captures the creamy textures of the frozen dessert, ideal for those who appreciate the simple pleasures of traditional ice cream flavors.

This is chocolate and vanilla ice cream

Here are the actual menus for you to take a closer look at:

The lunch menu of one of the many restaurants on board
The dinner menu of one of the many restaurants on board

Things to Know

If you have any dietary requirements, it’s best to let the staff know before you go. I went with Jenni from Cruise Mummy, and she is Vegan. The staff were super attentive and had a separate vegan menu ready for her with a good food selection.

Also, if you would like to know what’s available earlier in the day so you can decide where to go, you can go to the dining room, and often there is ‘today’s’ menu available to look over or phone guest services, and they should be able to help.

Last of all, if this differs from the type of food you would enjoy, there are plenty of other restaurant options across the ship. If you prefer some flexibility, the best option is to go to the Marketplace Buffet, or you could enjoy the room service menu. However, if you like something unique, several speciality restaurants are also available at extra cost.

If you want to learn more about the restaurants, read my article on MSC Euribia Restaurants.

My Verdict

I really liked what was on offer in the main dining room. The menus had plenty of choices, the staff were attentive, and there was a pleasant atmosphere. I would happily go on another MSC cruise and enjoy the food they have on offer.

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