Everything You Need to Know About the MSC Easy Drink Package

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Choosing the right drinks package for your cruise with MSC can seem like a difficult decision. With a selection of five distinct drinks packages, each offering its unique range of beverages and pricing, the task of selecting the most suitable one for your needs requires careful consideration.

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During my recent cruise on the MSC Euribia, I opted for the MSC Easy Drinks Package. This experience, coupled with additional research on studying the menu, I’m here to share my insights.

Detais of MSC Easy Drinks Package?

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Jenni (from Cruise Mummy) and I enjoying our cocktails

The MSC Easy Drinks Package is the cheapest all-inclusive drinks option offered by MSC Cruises, designed to provide a wide variety of drinks at a fixed price. You can order any drink priced up to $7 or €7, and it will included within the package.

This package allows guests to enjoy their cruise without worrying about the individual cost of each drink, making it a convenient and potentially cost-effective choice for many.

It’s worth noting that there is a cheaper Alcohol-Free package, but if you want to have beer, wine, spirits and cocktails, the Easy Drinks Package is the most cost-effective option.

MSC Easy Drink Package Menu

The Easy Drinks Package caters to a broad range of tastes and preferences and includes:

  • Classic and International Cocktails: This includes a selection of well-loved cocktails and mocktails, perfect for those who enjoy mixed drinks.
  • Spirits, Wines, and Beers: The package covers house spirits, a selection of wines, and beer, such as Heineken.
  • Non-Alcoholic Options: For those preferring non-alcoholic beverages, there’s a good choice of mocktails, soft drinks, and fruit juices.
  • Hot Drinks: Essential for many, the package includes classic hot drinks like espresso, cappuccino, lattes, tea, and hot chocolate.

However, here is the full list of what is actually included…

A list of included things in the MSC easy package

Where You Can’t Use the Easy Drink Package

It’s important to note that the Easy Drinks Package has certain limitations. It is not valid in specialty restaurants onboard MSC ships but can be enjoyed in the buffet restaurant, the main dining room, and the bars. This ensures that you have plenty of opportunities to make the most of your package throughout the ship.

Some of the bars have a generic menu, and on the top left, there is a section on what drinks are included in the package. However, not all bars have this menu. If you don’t want to pay any extras, you’ll have to make sure you don’t go over the $7 limit.

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Cocktails and more menu taken by a passenger onboard
Cocktails and more menu taken by a passenger onboard

MSC Easy Drink Package Cost

The MSC Easy Drinks Package cost varies depending on several factors, including the ship, destination, and cruise length. For cruises from the UK, prices range between £34 and £42.55 per night, and for US cruises, between $46 and $56 per night. 

By booking the drink package in advance of your cruise, you can save up to 15% off the price you would pay if purchasing it onboard. This pre-booking discount not only offers financial savings but also allows you to budget more effectively for your cruise expenses.

MSC doesn’t advertise the prices, but once you’re logged into your cruise booking, the price will be fixed.

Here’s a table showing the Easy package prices:

CruisePrice Per Night (Buy Onboard)Price Per Night (Pre-Book)
North America & Caribbean Up To 6 Nights$56$49
North America & Caribbean 7+ Nights$53$46
Europe & Middle East Up To 6 Nights€49€43
Europe & Middle East 7+ Nights€45€39
Cruise From UK Up To 6 Nights£42.55£37
Cruise From UK 7+ Nights£39.10£34

Another notable aspect of the MSC Easy Drink Package pricing is that it includes beverage gratuities (tips). This inclusion means that you won’t have to pay additional gratuity fees on drinks consumed under the package.

Also, if you choose an MSC Easy Drinks Package and then decide to order a drink that is over the cost limit, you’ll only pay the difference between the drink and the value covered in the package. For example, if you buy a drink for $12, then you’ll pay the difference of $5.

Comparison with Other MSC Drink Packages

A close up image of drinks being held by different people for  a toast

When choosing a drink package for your MSC cruise, it’s important to compare the options available to find one that best suits your preferences and drinking habits. There are other packages like the Easy Plus and Premium Extra Packages, as well as specific options for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages or for minors.

Easy Plus Package 

This package takes it a step further than the basic Easy Package. It includes all beverages priced up to $10. This means a wider range of frozen and classic cocktails, well spirits, a variety of draught and bottled beers, and a broader selection of wines. It’s an excellent choice for guests who want more than the basic options without spending too much extra.

Premium Extra Package

For those seeking the ultimate beverage experience, the Premium Extra Package offers the most inclusive selection. Covering all drinks priced up to $16, it includes premium cocktails, a wide selection of fine wines, premium spirits, and a variety of beers. If you have a taste for high-quality drinks and enjoy trying different options, this package would be idea.

Alcohol-Free Package

Specifically designed for guests who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, this package includes a variety of mocktails, soft drinks, energy drinks, sodas, flavoured waters, and a range of hot drinks. It’s a comprehensive option for those who want to enjoy a variety of drinks without alcohol.

Minors Package

Tailored for younger guests, the Minors Package includes similar options to the Alcohol-Free Package, ensuring that minors have plenty of appealing and appropriate beverage choices during their cruise. This package is a thoughtful consideration for families cruising with children, ensuring that everyone has a suitable drink option.

Things To Know About MSC Drink Packages

When considering the MSC Easy Drink Package for your next cruise, there are several key points to keep in mind to ensure you make the most of your cruising experience:

1. Everyone must buy the same drink package

MSC Cruises mandates that all passengers travelling together (sharing a cabin) must opt for the same type of drink package. This rule is applicable to everyone aged three and above. 

Children under three years of age are exempt from this requirement. It’s important to note that sharing drinks from the package with others who don’t have it can lead to cancellation without a refund.

2. Restrictions on Bringing Your Own Drinks

Unlike some cruise lines, MSC Cruises restricts passengers from bringing their own alcohol, soft drinks, or water on board. However, exceptions are made for medical necessities and unlimited baby milk.

3. Yacht Club Premium Benefits

Guests in the MSC Yacht Club enjoy the inclusion of the Premium Extra drink package among their exclusive benefits, adding a touch of luxury to their cruising experience.

4. You pay more if you buy the package on the ship

Purchasing your drink package before your cruise, rather than onboard, can lead to significant savings. Typically, pre-booking your package through the MSC Cruises website’s ‘Manage My Booking’ section can be about 15% cheaper.

5. Varied Drinking Age Policies

The legal drinking age on MSC Cruises depends on the cruise itinerary rather than the nationality of the passenger. Typically, it’s 18 years old for European cruises and 21 for Caribbean ones.

6. There’s No Daily Drink Limits

Unlike some cruise lines that cap the number of drinks per day, MSC Cruises doesn’t impose a daily limit. However, responsible drinking is encouraged, and service may be denied if you appear intoxicated.

7. Availability on Certain Itineraries

The MSC drink packages are available on most itineraries, but there are exceptions, notably on cruises originating from South Africa and China. Additionally, due to local laws, alcohol is not served during port calls, such as in Saudi Arabia.

8. Usage on Private Islands

The drink packages are valid on MSC’s private islands, like Ocean Cay and Sir Bani Yas in the UAE, offering a seamless experience. However, the variety of drinks available on the islands might be more limited compared to the ship.

Is Worth The Cost?

A happy lady holding a glass of champagne with her friend

Determining the value of the MSC Easy Drink Package depends on various factors, including your drinking habits, the time you plan to spend on the ship, and the specific drinks you prefer. Here are some considerations to help you decide if this package is right for you:

1. Comparing with Individual Drink Costs

It can be helpful to compare the daily rate of the drink package with the cost of individual drinks. If the drinks you prefer are on the higher end of the price spectrum, a package might offer better value.

During my cruise on the MSC Euribia I took photos of every drink menu on the ship, so if you’d like to see the prices of any specific drinks, you can see photos of MSC drink menus here.

2. Calculating the Break-Even Point

A practical approach to assess the worth of any drink package is to calculate the break-even point. Generally, you might need to consume around five drinks per day to make the most of your investment in the drink package. 

However, this number can vary depending on your choice of beverages and the specific package you opt for.

3. Consider Your Drink Preferences

The value you get from the drink package also depends on what you typically drink. If your preference leans towards premium drinks or you have a diverse taste in beverages, a drink package can offer significant savings compared to paying for each drink individually. 

It’s also worth remembering there are free drinks available too, including water, coffee, tea, ice tea, milk and juices (at breakfast only).

4. Assessing Your Time Onboard

Your time spent on the ship is a crucial factor. On sea days, you’re more likely to consume more beverages throughout the day, making the package more worthwhile. However, if you plan to spend most of your time off the ship on excursions, you might find yourself not utilising the package to its full potential, as you’ll be on board mainly during the evenings.

5. The Convenience Factor

Beyond just the financial aspect, there’s a convenience factor to consider. Having a drink package means not having to worry about the cost of each drink, allowing for a more relaxed and potentially enjoyable cruise.

6. Personal Drinking Habits

Reflect on your usual drinking habits. Are you someone who enjoys several drinks throughout the day, or do you tend to have just one or two special drinks? Your personal drinking pattern can be a significant determinant in deciding if the package is worth it for you.

My Verdict

On my cruise on the MSC Euribia, I did buy a drinks package, but for the amount I drank, I probably only would have broken even. 

The value of the MSC Easy Drink Package is subjective and varies based on individual preferences and habits. It’s advisable to do a bit of personal calculation and consider your cruising itinerary to make an informed decision about whether this package meets your needs and offers you the best value.

But, if you plan on enjoying the speciality restaurants, or you like a better quality of spirit or wine, then it might be better value to pay for one of the more premium drinks packages instead.

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