My MSC Euribia Review: Bargain £99 Cruise!

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What can £99 get you these days? A fancy dinner, a day out, or how about a weekend cruise?  When Jenni from Cruise Mummy asked if I would like a weekend away on the MSC Euribia, and it was just £99. This deal was too tempting to resist…

Two smiling women holding tropical drinks with straws, garnished with fruit, in a lively and colorful bar area onboard a cruise ship, with other guests and a distinctive spiral sculpture in the background.

This included a two-night stay in an inside cabin aboard the MSC Euribia from Southampton, UK to Hamburg, Germany, complete with meals, a variety of entertainment options, gratuities, as well as all port fees and taxes.

We also opted to add a drinks package for another £80 (£40 per day) for a fun weekend.

Why was it just £99?

First of all, it was a one way cruise in early January, so it’s never going to be overly popular. So, the prices are generally cheaper to fill some rooms.

Secondly, MSC Cruises runs a bit differently from other cruise lines, as guests get on and off at every port. For example, we met a couple that was on the ship for three weeks, but there was the option to get off at any port to make it cheaper.

I found this style of cruising particularly appealing as it allowed for a much more relaxed experience when embarking and disembarking the ship, in stark contrast to the often hectic nature of these processes on other cruise lines I’ve travelled with in the past.

We arrived at Southampton cruise terminal an hour earlier than our designated time, but it didn’t matter, and about 5 minutes later, we were aboard the ship! We had a similar experience getting off, too; it just took a few minutes and was stress-free.

The Ship

A winter scene showing a snow-covered ground with a large MSC cruise ship docked at a busy port. Industrial cranes and a partly cloudy sky create a contrasting backdrop to the modern luxury liner in an otherwise industrial environment.

The MSC Euribia launched in June 2023, which is one of the newest cruise ships I have been on. It is the sister ship to the Virtuosa, which launched a few years earlier in 2020.

The ship was stunning. I liked the futuristic look of silver chrome and sparkling crystals. I particularly liked the 305-foot LED ceiling in the central promenade (Galleria). This has animations designed to run 24/7, from dolphins and whales swimming above your head to circus-themed lights relating to the evening entertainment.

Staying in the Cheapest Cabin

We stayed in an inside twin cabin. The beds were comfortable, it had plenty of room and storage, which was perfect for a weekend away.

Jenni did a cabin tour, which you can check out here…

The Food

A fresh vegetable salad served one of MSC Euribia's restaurants.

Before the cruise, I had heard mixed reviews about the food. However, I was pleasantly surprised! The food wasn’t exactly Celebrity Cruise level, but I’m not a foodie, and it suited me perfectly.

First of all, we went to the main dining room. There was plenty to choose from; they catered to those who have special dietary requirements, and the portions were good. Read here if you want to find out more about the main dining room menus

We also went to the buffet a couple of times. There was a good choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The waiters were always very helpful and friendly.

We didn’t have time to try the speciality restaurants, but we had a look around, and everything looked very yummy! 

Read here if you would like to learn more about the MSC Euribia restaurants on board.

The Drinks

As we had the drinks package, we tried some of the cocktails, and they were very nice. My favourite was the Strawberry Mimosa at the Champagne Bar and a Miami Vice from the general drinks menu.

A photo of cocktails on the MSC Euribia

I don’t usually drink much alcohol, so I enjoyed lots of soft drinks and bottles of water too. When ordering a cocktail, the waiters were happy to get two drinks at a time, such as a cocktail with a bottle of water.

Read here if you would like to find out more about the MSC drinks menus.

MSC Status Match

Although this was my first MSC Cruise, before I went, I filled out my details on MSC’s Status match programme. As I’ve been lucky enough to go on quite a few Royal Caribbean cruises, MSC matched my diamond status, meaning I automatically became a gold member on the MSC Voyagers Club loyalty tier.

This meant I received a complimentary gift (a drawstring bag), discounts on board and a one-hour thermal spa session. The spa session would have been €80 (which I think is quite expensive – it’s almost as much as the cruise!), but as it was free, I took advantage. 

The spa was a great perk! It has two large jacuzzis, lots of different saunas and steam rooms and an ice room.

Things To Do

The MSC Euribia has many things to do on board that we couldn’t fit it all in in a short amount of time. Here’s one of the daily planners we received in our room.

The image shows a detailed Daily Planner for MSC Euribia cruise ship activities. The schedule is divided into Morning, Afternoon, and Evening sections with various activities like Sunrise Stretching, Yoga, Aerobics, Game: Ring Toss, MasterChef@Sea, LGBT Meeting, Beer Festival, and live performances. Specific locations on different decks for each event are provided, alongside times ranging from early morning activities starting at 7:30 AM to late-night events ending at midnight. Charges apply for certain activities. The planner is for Saturday, 06 January 2024.

One of the first things we did was the high ropes course. We managed to do this before it got too windy, it was tame but quite fun. I can imagine my young daughter enjoying this.

By the ropes course is an outdoor water park, and I wimped out, as it was a bit cold, but Jenni did brave one of the slides. She said it wasn’t too bad as the water was warm, but the other two slides weren’t heated, so she skipped those and enjoyed the outdoor hot tub instead.

You can read about all the other things to do on MSC Euribia here.

The Entertainment

Performers in elaborate costumes take the stage during a vibrant show on a cruise ship. Three dancers, adorned with large feathered headpieces and voluminous, pastel gowns, are illuminated by dramatic stage lighting, creating a lively and enchanting spectacle for the audience.

On our evenings aboard, we enjoyed two great shows at the theatre. With three performances nightly, it’s wise to book your spot through the app each day, as the theatre often reaches full capacity.

As MSC cruises host guests from various nationalities, they craft their shows to appeal broadly, featuring an array of dancing, costumes, gymnastics, and magic.

Besides the theatre, there’s a lot of live music across different bars and lounges, complemented by street entertainers on the promenade and surprise pop-up events. One amusing highlight was a beer-drinking contest where around 20 guests raced to chug their beers the fastest.

There was also a white night, which we weren’t aware of, so we didn’t pack anything appropriate. We couldn’t work out how you find out what theme nights were planned in advance. My Mum also experienced this when going on the Euribia, so it’s probably best to pack something white if you plan on going.

We were also planning on going to the casino for a small flutter, but it closed early. We assumed this was because we were too close to land, so it’s worth checking on the times if you plan to go.

The Itinerary

On the first day, the ship was in Southampton until the evening. On the second day, we were at sea, and on the third, we arrived in Hamburg, which was covered in snow. 

As I mentioned earlier, it was easy to get off the ship, and a few taxis were waiting outside. We jumped straight into a taxi to the airport, which cost €55. There were probably cheaper ways to get to the airport, such as the train, but this was stress-free, and we got to see the sights of Hamburg.

We flew back to London on British Airways, which was a short flight and only cost about £30. One-way cruises are frequently underrated, yet they offer fantastic bargain opportunities, especially with MSC Cruises.

So, if you want a good deal like we managed to get, be willing to cruise at less popular times of the year and possibly one way.

My Verdict

I really enjoyed this cruise; I had never been on an MSC ship before and had only heard the feedback of others. 

Overall, the staff were great, it was quiet, the ship was beautiful, there was plenty to do, and the food was good. It was very good value, and I have nothing negative to say. 

I would definitely like to go back on the ship and experience a longer cruise with my family sometime.

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