Unpacking MSC’s Room Service Menu

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I recently went on the MSC Euribia (January 2024) and had a look at their room service menu, and I was lucky enough to try out a couple of things, too.

A server in a crisp white shirt presents a hotel room service tray with a variety of fresh fruits on a plate, including slices of fig, apple, and grapes, accompanied by stacked white coffee cups and a silver coffee pot, suggesting a luxurious and convenient dining experience.

Room service on a cruise ship is a real luxury, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that MSC Cruises offers great value. From breakfast in bed to a late-night snack, MSC’s room service caters to various needs and preferences.

In this guide, I’ll take you through the room service menu options available on an MSC Cruise, explaining how to order and what you need to know. 

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MSC Room Service Overview

The MSC Room Service Menu offers an array of choices and caters to various preferences, including soups, salads, wraps, sandwiches, pizzas, and desserts.

There is a €3.50 charge for Bella experience guests (those who have not upgraded).

Also, something useful to know is that the MSC room service menus are the same on every ship.

main room service menu

Vegetarian Options

For guests who prefer vegetarian options, the MSC Room Service Menu offers a variety of options, which include:

  • Fresh Salads: with a mix of fresh vegetables and dressings.
  • Vegetarian Wraps and Sandwiches: These include ingredients like cheeses, fresh vegetables, and unique spreads.
  • Soups: made from seasonal vegetables and served with croutons.

Pizza Delivery Service

The MSC Euribia Room Service Menu also offers a pizza delivery service. Prices range from €5.00 for simpler options to €9.00 for more elaborate varieties.

You will need to check the daily program for the pizza delivery timetable. To order, dial 99 or press the Room Service button. The team will inform you when your order is on its way. It will take about 20-30 minutes after placing the order for your pizza to arrive.

Here is the MSC pizza delivery service menu…

Pizza menu


For those with a sweet tooth (like me), the MSC Room Service Menu offers a selection of desserts, such as chocolate meringue kisses, panna cotta and a fresh fruit basket.

MSC Room Service Menu Prices

Here are all the items available on the menu with the prices:

Item NameDescriptionPrice (€)
Garden Vegetable SoupSeasonal vegetables with croutons4.00
Petals of Prosciutto and Grana Padano CheeseWith rosemary grissini5.00
Mozzarella CapreseMozzarella, tomato, basil, oregano, black olives5.00
Tortilla Chips & Salsa Tex-MexCorn flour chips with spicy tomato sauce4.00
Mediterranean SaladSalad leaves, feta, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, peppers, onion, balsamic dressing5.00
Caesar SaladRomaine lettuce, Parmesan, croutons, Caesar dressing (chicken optional)5.00
BBQ Chicken WrapTortilla with grilled chicken, lettuce, peppers, cheddar, BBQ sauce6.00
Vegetarian WrapTortilla with courgettes, lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto6.00
Smoked Salmon SandwichWith bread, salmon, butter, tomatoes, lettuce5.00
MSC Club SandwichToasted bread, turkey, eggs, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mustard6.00
Ham and Cheese SandwichBread with ham, Emmental, mayo, lettuce4.50
Cheese PlateSelection of cheeses with crackers and pear jam6.00
Seasonal Fruit PlateFresh fruits according to availability4.00
Chocolate Meringue KissesWith whipped cream4.00
Panna CottaOn strawberry coulis4.00
Fresh Fruit BasketSelection of 5 fruits6.00

Treats for Special Occasions

While on your cruise, and if you have a special occasion, you may want to treat yourself to something special in your room. The MSC Room Service Menu offers a range of luxurious treats:

  1. Romantic Sunset (€80.00): Celebrate with Moët & Chandon Brut champagne, served in souvenir MSC flûtes, accompanied by chocolate-dipped strawberries.
  2. De Luxe Indulgence (€69.00): Enjoy Ferrari Perlé champagne in commemorative MSC flûtes and a plate of select canapés.
  3. Anniversary Package (€39.00): Mark the occasion with Asti sparkling wine and a personalised cake.
  4. Chocolate Strawberries (€15.00): A platter of chocolate-dipped strawberries for a delightful treat.
  5. Rose Petal Package (€45.00): Indulge in Moscato “Il Vino dell’Amore” with a platter of petits fours, served in souvenir flûtes.
  6. Wine Connoisseurs’ Treat: Select from prestigious Italian wines like Brunello, Amarone, or Barolo, paired with a cheese platter.

While I was on the MSC Euribia, I was lucky enough to try the “Romantic Sunset” package, with champagne and strawberries.

An intimate celebration setting featuring a chilled champagne bottle wrapped in a beige linen napkin, peeking out of a shiny ice bucket, with clear crystal glasses nearby, all resting on a wooden surface, hinting at a romantic or celebratory occasion in an upscale ambiance.
A white plate adorned with succulent strawberries dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate, arranged in a circular pattern, offering a visually tempting and gourmet dessert experience.

Dietary Concerns

The MSC Euribia Room Service Menu is mindful of guests with specific dietary requirements, including food allergies and sensitivities. If you inform the service staff about any dietary restrictions or allergies, from my experience, they are more than happy to help.

Many dishes can be customised to suit individual dietary needs. There are also special menus available on request, but it’s best to let them know before you go on your cruise so the staff are aware and prepared.

How To Order Room Service On MSC Cruises

Ordering room service on MSC Cruises is a straightforward process. Guests can place their orders through the cabin’s telephone by dialling a specific number (often provided in the room or in the cruise information guide). 

A waiter in a red vest and white shirt serves a breakfast tray featuring a freshly baked croissant, a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, and a French press, exemplifying a luxurious and comfortable room service experience with a bright, modern backdrop.

Alternatively, some ships may offer the option to order through the MSC Cruises app or interactive TV in the cabin. It’s important to check the daily program for available times and specific instructions, as these can vary by ship and itinerary. 

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