Can Royal Caribbean’s Junior Suite Take Your Cruise from Great to Unforgettable?

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If you’re contemplating an upgrade on your next cruise, especially with Royal Caribbean, you might be eyeing the Junior Suite as a tempting choice. You may even be torn between selecting a balcony stateroom, a Junior Suite, or a Grand Suite for your next Royal Caribbean cruise.

A spacious and elegantly appointed Royal Caribbean Junior Suite featuring a large bed with plush headboard and crisp white linens, a cozy blue sofa with decorative cushions, and a modern geometric-patterned carpet. The room is well-lit, inviting, and designed with a balance of comfort and style.

In this post, I’ll dive into the details of what makes the Junior Suite stand out, compare it with other room types, and share my personal insights to help you decide if this upgrade is right for you. 

What Is a Junior Suite on a Royal Caribbean?

Luxurious Royal Caribbean Junior Suite showcasing a comfortable bed with decorative pillows, two modern armchairs with a round coffee table, and a large flat-screen TV opposite the bed. The room extends to a private balcony through sliding glass doors, offering a view and outdoor seating, perfect for relaxation with a touch of sophistication.

A Junior Suite on a Royal Caribbean cruise is a suite that comfortably combines the luxury of a full suite with the compact convenience of a standard stateroom.

It’s essentially the entry-level suite option, offering more space than a balcony stateroom but without the full range of amenities found in higher-tier suites like the Owner’s Suite or Villa Suite. 

In a Junior Suite, you can expect generous living space, typically up to 300 square feet inside, plus a balcony of about 65 square feet. These suites are designed with comfort in mind, featuring a sitting area with a sofa bed, which is great for families or groups, and flexible sleeping arrangements with twin beds that can convert into a Royal King bed.

While Junior Suites on Quantum Class ships and above are categorised as Sea Class, offering additional privileges over standard rooms, they don’t provide access to exclusive areas or priority services reserved for Sky Class or Star Class suites. 

Nonetheless, staying in a Junior Suite does elevate your cruise experience, giving you a taste of luxury with more space and comfort than lower-category rooms. 

It’s an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy enhanced accommodations without the price tag of the more expansive suites. Royal Caribbean positions the Junior Suite as a middle ground between a Deluxe Balcony Stateroom and a Grand Suite in its accommodation hierarchy.

The Size of the Junior Suite

One of the main perks of a Junior Suite is the size. On Royal Caribbean cruise ships, the size of a Junior Suite can be different depending on which ship you’re on. On average, a Junior Suite is about 290 square feet big. The smallest ones are found on Vision Class ships and are 245 square feet, while the biggest ones are on the Odyssey of the Seas ship and are 301 square feet.

If you look at the images that show the sizes, you’ll see that a Junior Suite is bigger than a balcony room but smaller than a Grand Suite. The newer the ship, the bigger the Junior Suites tend to be. But even on the same ship, some Junior Suites can be bigger or smaller than others, so it’s a good idea to check the ship’s deck plan before you pick your room.

Also, the size of the balcony that comes with a Junior Suite can really change a lot. On older ships, the balcony might be small but just big enough for a table and two chairs. But on newer ships, some balconies are big, over 160 square feet, and they have sun loungers for you to relax on.

Balcony Vs Junior Suite Vs Grand Suite: Understanding the Differences

A comparison of three types of cruise ship accommodations, showcasing their differences. On the left is a cozy cabin with a bunk bed and a teal patterned runner on the main bed, suggesting efficient space usage. The center image features a junior suite with a large bed, a small sitting area, and access to a private balcony with a sea view, indicating more luxury. On the right is a grand suite with a spacious living area, plush sofas, and expansive windows leading to a private balcony, reflecting the highest level of comfort and space.

Choosing a suite on a Royal Caribbean cruise is often about the extra perks that come with it. However, it’s worth noting that Junior Suites on Royal Caribbean offer fewer benefits than you might expect. 

When you book a Junior Suite, you do get some nice extras compared to a standard balcony room, like the use of Royal Caribbean bathrobes, luxury toiletries, a coffee machine in your room, and even dinner at Coastal Kitchen on Oasis- and Spectrum-class ships. You’ll also enjoy priority boarding.

But, if you’re hoping for the full suite experience, you might find the Junior Suite a bit lacking. The more exclusive benefits, such as priority departure, priority tendering, a pillowtop mattress, welcome water and fruit, access to the Suite Lounge, concierge service, and priority dining and spa bookings, start with the Grand Suite. 

Grand Suite guests enjoy a variety of special treatments, such as:

  • Bridge, galley, and backstage tours
  • VIP pool deck seating
  • A reserved section in the theatre
  • The option for main dining room menu items to be served in their suite
  • Complimentary 24-hour room service
  • Private seating for breakfast
  • A special departure breakfast
  • Complimentary pressing on the first formal night

Here Are the Perks You Get with a Junior Suite

Close-up of a plush white bathrobe with the Royal Caribbean International logo embroidered on a patch. The logo features a stylized crown and anchor symbol above the brand name, indicating the premium amenities provided aboard their cruise ships.

With Royal Caribbean Suites, you get many perks. But it’s important to know that these perks are mainly for the big suites, not the Junior Suites. So, if you were excited about skipping lines and getting into special VIP spots, a Junior Suite won’t offer that.

But getting a Junior Suite does give you some nice things:

  • More room than a regular room with a balcony
  • A Royal Caribbean bathrobe to wear
  • Fancy soap and shampoo
  • A comfy mattress
  • Tea and coffee-making facilities
  • Dinner at the Coastal Kitchen on Oasis and Spectrum class ships
  • Priority boarding (depending on the embarkation port)
  • Double Crown & Anchor points

Families usually really like Junior Suites because they often have a bath, which is great if you have little kids. Sometimes, you’ll find a separate bath and walk-in shower, but usually, the shower is right above the bath.

If you need even more space, some Junior Suites can open into the room next door or to a balcony room right next to them. This is perfect if you’re cruising with a big group.

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The Royal Caribbean Ship Which Have Junior Suites

The 'Rhapsody of the Seas' cruise ship from Royal Caribbean International elegantly navigates the calm blue waters with a backdrop of distant mountains under a clear sky. The vessel's white exterior, multiple decks with balconies, and distinctive blue and white funnel are visible, conveying a sense of adventure and luxury travel at sea.

If you’re considering a Royal Caribbean cruise, you might be curious about which ships offer the comfort of Junior Suites. You’ll be pleased to know that Junior Suites are a standard offering across the entire Royal Caribbean fleet. Whether you board a smaller ship like Rhapsody of the Seas or the larger, record-breaking Icon of the Seas, a Junior Suite can enhance your cruising experience.

The size and features of Junior Suites can vary slightly depending on the ship. For instance:

  • On Vision Class ships, such as Rhapsody of the Seas, the Junior Suites are typically cosier, with an area starting at 245 square feet.
  • Looking at newer additions to the fleet, like the Odyssey of the Seas, you’ll find more generously sized Junior Suites, boasting up to 301 square feet of space.

The Cost of Stay in a Junior Suite?

The cost of staying in a Junior Suite on a Royal Caribbean cruise varies significantly based on several factors, such as the specific ship, the destination, and the time of year. Generally, you can expect a range in pricing that’s influenced by seasonality, with holiday and peak travel seasons typically at a premium compared to off-peak times.

However, based on my research, the rough average cost to stay in a Junior Suite on a 7-night cruise, based on a few cruises I looked at, was approximately $1,908 per person (assuming double occupancy).

However, it’s worth keeping an eye out for discounts or package deals that include additional perks.

When considering whether a Junior Suite makes sense for your budget, weigh the cost against the extra space and suite perks. Keep in mind that prices fluctuate, and real-time quotes from the cruise line or your travel agent will give you the most accurate figures.

Is It Worth Booking?

A Junior Suite on a Royal Caribbean cruise usually costs a few hundred dollars more than a regular balcony room. Whether that’s worth it depends on what you’re looking for.

The extra room in a Junior Suite is super helpful for families, especially those with little kids or babies. There’s enough space to comfortably fit a cot, and having a bathtub can be a game-changer compared to just a shower. People who appreciate more space around them, maybe because they’re taller or bigger, often find the bigger bathroom in a Junior Suite really nice, too.

Choosing a Junior Suite is smart if you go on cruises and want to move up faster in Royal Caribbean’s loyalty program, the Crown & Anchor Society.

You get double the points towards your loyalty status, which can get you cool benefits quicker. But remember, you only get these double points if you book the Junior Suite from the start, not if you upgrade later with the Royal Up bidding program.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that even with the extra cost of a Junior Suite, you don’t get all the fancy perks that come with the really big suites, like the Grand Suite. So, if it’s the special suite extras you’re dreaming about, and you’ve got the money, you might want to look at booking a Grand Suite instead.

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