The True Value of Royal Caribbean Suite Perks: To Upgrade or Not?

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If you’re thinking about booking a Royal Caribbean suite, you’ll want to know what perks you’ll receive. 

I’ve been lucky enough to go on many Royal Caribbean cruises but not quite lucky enough to stay in a suite. However, I’ve been considering it and have done a lot of research, so in the article, I’ll share all the details you need to know too.

Luxurious two-level Royal Loft Suite on Harmony of the Seas featuring a spacious living area with modern furnishings, vibrant purple accents, and floor-to-ceiling windows offering an expansive ocean view.
Royal Loft Suite

This is What You Get in a Suite on Royal Caribbean

In a suite on Royal Caribbean, you get priority boarding, luxury bathroom amenities, a Royal Caribbean bathrobe (while onboard), and an espresso coffee machine in your suite. Opting for a higher-tier suite grants you access to even more exclusive perks.

It’s worth noting that if your ship is part of the Royal Suite Class or the older Royal Caribbean Suites Program. Ships built since 2009, including the Icon, Oasis, Quantum, and Quantum Ultra classes, fall under the Royal Suite Class. Any ship built before 2009 is part of the older Suites Program.

Royal Suite Class (for Newer Ships)

The Royal Suite Class is an offering available on Royal Caribbean’s newer ships, specifically the Icon, Oasis, Quantum, and Quantum Ultra-class ships – constructed since 2009 fall under this category. 

This class provides an experience with exclusive benefits and amenities not found on older ships. 

On ships with Royal Suite Class, the suites are categorised into three different tiers: Sea Class, Sky Class, and Star Class. I’ll break down what’s included in each tier.

Sea Class

Within the Royal Suite Class program, the Sea Class tier features Junior Suites and Junior Suites with a Large Balcony.

Elegant Junior Suite on Quantum of the Seas cruise ship, with a plush king-sized bed, patterned carpet, a cozy sitting area by the balcony door, and a cityscape view through the round window.
Junior Suite

The following perks are included: 

  1. Royal Caribbean bathrobe (to be used onboard)
  2. A luxury pillowtop mattress
  3. Luxury bathroom toiletries
  4. A Lavazza espresso coffee machine in your suite
  5. Dinner at Coastal Kitchen (excluding drinks)
A guest about to enjoy a gourmet meal at the Coastal Kitchen on Anthem of the Seas, featuring a beautifully plated lobster dish accompanied by a chilled glass of water and a glass of white wine.

Sky Class

Within the Royal Suite Class program, the Sky Class tier includes Sky Loft Suites, Spacious AquaTheater Suite (1 bedroom), AquaTheater Suite (1 bedroom), Crown Loft Suite, Owner’s Suite (1 bedroom), Grand Suite (2 Bedrooms), Grand Suite with Large Balcony (1 Bedroom), Grand Suite (1 Bedroom), Golden Balcony and Golden Junior Suite.

Opulent Owner's Suite on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, showcasing a stylish living room with teal armchairs, a plush sofa, and a large flat-screen TV, adjacent to a bedroom area, all with panoramic ocean views through floor-to-ceiling windows.
Owner’s Suite

The following perks are included: 

  1. Concierge Service
  2. Meals at Coastal Kitchen (breakfast, lunch, and dinner; reservations required for dinner, drinks not included)
  3. Specialty bottled water in your suite upon arrival
  4. Complimentary VOOM internet access (for one device per guest)
  5. Flexible check-in and priority departure
  6. Priority dining reservations
  7. Early access to seating in some entertainment venues
  8. Access to the Suite Lounge (with complimentary hors d’oeuvres and cocktails every evening)
  9. Access to the exclusive Suite Sun Deck
Sun-drenched Suite Sun Deck on Wonder of the Seas cruise ship, featuring a luxurious outdoor lounge with plush seating, a marble-topped bar, and sweeping ocean views under a stylish white lattice canopy.
Suite Sun Deck

Star Class

Within the Royal Suite Class program, the Sky Class tier includes Ultimate Family Suites, Ultimate Family Townhouse, Royal Loft Suite, Villa Suite (4 Bedrooms), Owner’s Loft Suite,

Interior of the Ultimate Family Townhouse on Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas, featuring a bold red slide, multicolored hanging lights, and a cozy living area with a plush yellow chair and gray sectional sofa. The room is bathed in natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a panoramic view of the sea.
Ultimate Family Townhouse

Grand Loft Suite, Owner’s Panoramic Suite (1 Bedroom), Grand Panoramic Suite (1 Bedroom),

Ultimate Panoramic Suite, Star Loft Suite, Spacious AquaTheater Suite with Large Balcony (2 Bedrooms) and AquaTheater Suite with Large Balcony (2 Bedrooms).

Reserving a Star Class suite provides you with all the advantages offered by the Sky and Sea classes, along with some extra perks:

  1. Access to the Royal Genie Service (your own butler!)
  2. Complimentary dining in speciality restaurants, including Chef’s Table
  3. Complimentary Deluxe Beverage drinks package for adults
  4. Complimentary Refreshments soda package for children
  5. Still and sparkling water provided in-suite
  6. Complimentary gratuities (this does not include the Royal Genie)
  7. Expedited boarding and departure
  8. Access to the best seats for theatre shows
  9. Priority access to onboard activities, such as the FlowRider and iFly
  10. Complimentary minibar stocked with Coca-Cola and other drinks
  11. Complimentary laundry and pressing services
  12. Luxury Frette linens
A person skillfully surfs on the Flowrider aboard Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas, with the ship's distinctive smokestack in the background, under a bright blue sky

Royal Caribbean Suites Program Perks (for Older Ships)

Now let’s look at the perks of the Royal Caribbean Suites program for older ships that are part of the Freedom, Radiance, Voyager or Vision class ships.

Junior Suite Perks

When booking a Junior Suite with Royal Caribbean, you are selecting a level of comfort that exceeds standard stateroom offerings. As the entry-level suite, your Junior Suite bridges the gap between a regular balcony cabin and higher-tier luxury accommodations.

Here’s the perks included:

  1. A Royal Caribbean bathrobe (for onboard use)
  2. Luxury bathroom toiletries
  3. A Lavazza espresso coffee machine to use in your suite
  4. Priority boarding on embarkation day

So you don’t get a lot of perks. However, you aren’t paying a big cruise fare compared to the other suites.

Grand, Panoramic, and Owner’s Suite Perks

Booking a Grand, Panoramic, or Owner’s Suite with Royal Caribbean affords you plush accommodations and exclusive benefits designed to enhance your cruise. These suites not only offer a higher standard of comfort but also ensure an indulgent holiday experience.

As well as all the benefits of a Junior Suite, plus you’ll get:

  1. A pillowtop mattress
  2. Priority departure on disembarkation day
  3. A Concierge service
  4. Access to the Suite Lounge or Concierge Club, with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails every evening
  5. Priority dining reservations, spa bookings and short excursion tickets
  6. A Suite Party invitation (on cruises of 5+ nights)
  7. Tours of the Bridge, Galley and Backstage
  8. VIP pool deck seating (on Voyager Class ships and above)
  9. Priority tendering for shore excursions, where available
  10. A welcome gift of fruit and Evian water
  11. The option to enjoy the Main Dining Room menu in your suite
  12. Complimentary 24-hour room service
  13. Private lunch and breakfast seating
  14. A departure breakfast
  15. Access to a reserved section in the Theatre
  16. Complimentary outfit pressing on the first formal night
  17. No sign-up fee for luggage valet service
The grand Main Dining Room on Spectrum of the Seas cruise ship, displaying a sophisticated decor with circular tiered seating, white linen-covered tables, and a striking copper-toned sculpture under a soft blue light.
Main Dining Room on Spectrum of the Seas

Royal and Villa Suite Perks

Royal and Villa Suites are the best suites available on the older ships in the fleet.

With these, you get all of the perks mentioned from the lower suite grades, plus a couple more. This includes a welcome bottle of Moet & Chandon and an officer to escort you onboard when you check in!

Is a Royal Caribbean Suite Worth It?

Deciding on a Royal Caribbean suite involves weighing up your desire for additional luxury against the suite’s benefits and the overall impact on your cruise experience. Suites elevate your stay with various perks, making them an attractive option for those seeking an enhanced holiday.

Before making your choice, consider several important factors:

  • Budget: Suites are more expensive. Determining if the additional cost fits your cruise budget is crucial.
  • Space and Comfort: Suites offer more room and luxurious amenities, providing a superior comfort level.
  • Perks: Evaluate the importance of exclusive benefits, such as complimentary WiFi, access to private lounges, and in-stateroom coffee makers, among others.
Chic suite lounge on Allure of the Seas with floor-to-ceiling windows offering a stunning sea view, eclectic purple-toned decor, contemporary art pieces, and a unique geometric ceiling installation creating a luxurious and inviting ambiance.
Suite Lounge on Allure of the Seas

If you value these benefits and they align with your holiday goals, opting for a suite could significantly improve your Royal Caribbean cruise. 

However, it’s worth noting that suites, while offering more space and numerous advantages, come with a higher price tag. Your cruising style plays a crucial role in this decision. Royal Caribbean ships are filled with activities, and if you’re likely to spend minimal time in your suite, the additional cost may not be justified.

For those who view their accommodation primarily as a place to sleep and prepare for the day’s activities, saving money by choosing a non-suite room is a sensible option. 

This approach means forgoing certain perks like priority seating and boarding. Still, many suite benefits can be purchased separately as needed. For instance, if specialty dining interests you for just one night, you can pay for it without needing a suite.

Nevertheless, Royal Caribbean suites, particularly the Royal Suite Class on the newest ships, offer an unparalleled experience for those with the budget and the desire to indulge in their suite.

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