Online or Overpriced? Is The Royal Caribbean Internet Package Worth It?

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Are you thinking about going on a Royal Caribbean cruise? Or maybe you’ve already booked one? Either way, if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering about the WiFi situation.

We all know the Internet is pretty much a necessity these days, whether you need it for work or just to keep up with friends and family. So, in this post, I will go over the costs behind Royal Caribbean’s WiFi packages and whether they are worth the price tag. 

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The Cost of WIFI

The cost of WiFi on Royal Caribbean can vary depending on the package and your needs. For full-cruise packages, it ranges from $13-18 per device per day. Day passes are pricier at around $26 for Surf and $33 for Surf + Stream.

So that you can easily compare the two packages, I’ve put together a table to break down the features of Voom Surf Voyage and Voom Surf + Stream Voyage. Here’s a table with a breakdown for each:

Voom Surf VoyageVoom Surf + Stream Voyage
Cost for Full Cruise (per day, per device)$13$18
Cost for Day Pass$26 for a day pass$33 for a day pass
Number of Devices1Up to 4
PurposeBasic internet needsComprehensive internet needs
24/7 AccessYesYes
Best For– Web browsing
– Email access
– Text-based messaging (e.g., WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger)
– All features of Surf Voyageplus:
– Video chatting
– Live streaming on social media
– Streaming services for videos and music
– Social media posting
Limitations– No voice or video calls
– Slower internet speeds
– None noted
SpeedSlowFastest internet at sea

As you can see from the table, opting for a day pass is quite a bit more expensive than booking Wi-Fi for your entire cruise – it’s almost double the daily rate. So, if you need Wi-Fi for more than a day or two, your wallet will thank you for choosing a full-cruise package.

On the subject of full-cruise packages, here’s a tip worth considering: If you’ve got multiple devices in play, such as a smartphone, a tablet, and maybe even a laptop, the Voom Surf + Stream Voyage package is a standout choice. Why? Because it allows you to connect up to four devices on a single payment. This is especially handy if you’re cruising with family or friends. You’ll all stay connected without the hassle or extra cost of buying separate packages for each device.

Get WiFi Cheaper on Royal Caribbean

I’ve been researching various forums and social media threads to see if you can get discounted WiFi prices with Royal Caribbean. Here’s the deal: Prices fluctuate, and sales come and go, so don’t get too fixated on the percentage discount. The key is to keep an eye on the actual cost.

If you see a price that sits well with you, go ahead and book it. It’s usually cheaper to sort out your WiFi before your cruise, so planning ahead can pay off.

I’ve also seen Royal Caribbean offer Black Friday sales. This takes place the day after the US holiday of Thanksgiving, over the final weekend of November. This tends to be a good bet for a deal, but there are no guarantees. 

And here’s another tip many regular cruisers swear by – If you buy a WiFi package and later see it offered for a lower price, you can cancel your initial purchase and rebook at the cheaper rate. You’ll get a refund for your original purchase.

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Is Royal Caribbean WiFi Worth It?

Determining the value of Royal Caribbean’s WiFi comes down to individual needs and the nature of your trip. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Port Time vs. Sea Time

Many bars and cafes offer free WiFi if your cruise has frequent port stops and you’re willing to spend part of your shore time catching up online. However, this could interfere with other activities you may want to do in port.

2. Connection Quality

Royal Caribbean’s Voom WiFi is among the faster options available at sea, especially if you opt for the Surf + Stream package. But don’t expect speeds to be as fast as you’re used to at home.

3. Roaming Charges vs. WiFi Cost

While in port, you might be able to rely on your phone’s 4G or 5G connection but beware of potential roaming charges. Depending on your mobile plan, these charges could be less than the cost of the ship’s WiFi package.

4. Peace of Mind

For some passengers, staying connected to home is a necessity, not a luxury. If you have pets, family, or property you want to keep tabs on, the WiFi package can provide peace of mind.

5. Digital Detox

Others view the cruise as an opportunity for a digital detox, cherishing the sea days as a break from the constant connectivity of everyday life.

6. Personal Preferences

Some travellers use the internet sparingly, only during downtime, so as not to interfere with cruise activities and quality time with companions. For them, the WiFi package might offer a balanced approach to staying connected.

In summary, the “value” of Royal Caribbean’s WiFi is subjective and will depend mainly on your personal needs and how you plan to spend your time both on and off the ship.

A smiling mother and daughter duo waving at the camera while enjoying a sunny day in a swimming pool on a Royal Caribbean cruise.
We didn’t miss not having internet access on this cruise.

Use the Royal Caribbean App Without an Internet Connection

You can use the Royal Caribbean app without purchasing an internet package. The app operates on the ship’s WiFi and won’t tap into your mobile data, so you’re free from worries about roaming charges. 

It’s advisable to download the app before you set sail. Doing so allows you to add your details for quicker check-in and allows you to learn about your ship’s amenities in advance.

The app’s functionalities vary depending on the ship you’re on. It can be a convenient tool for ordering food, reserving show seats and shore excursions, and even planning your next cruise.

Accessing the WiFi

To connect to WiFi on a Royal Caribbean cruise, first connect your device to the “royal-wifi” network available onboard. Once connected, open a web browser, which should automatically guide you through the login process. 

If you’ve pre-paid for a Voom package, entering your details will activate your pre-existing plan. If you haven’t purchased a plan yet, you can select one, and the cost will be added to your onboard account. If you encounter any issues, contact Guest Services.

Wrapping It Up

Voom may be marketed as the fastest maritime internet, but it’s also among the more complex to navigate in terms of pricing, which fluctuates considerably. If you’re wary of the expense, consider holding off on your purchase until closer to your departure date, although prices could rise.

Ultimately, if internet access is a necessity for you, then it’s worth the investment. Otherwise, you could utilise your 4G or 5G connectivity when docked or seek out complimentary WiFi spots.

View of the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship featuring an adventurous guest ziplining above the boardwalk neighborhood, with the ship's multi-level balconies and an outdoor theater in view.
Zipline on Oasis of the Seas – no wifi needed.

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