15 Fun Things To Do on MSC Euribia

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The MSC Euribia is a ship I’ve wanted to explore since its launch in 2023. It looked like there were so many fun things to do. So when a good deal came up in January 2024, I jumped on the opportunity to book a cruise on the Euribia

The MSC Euribia cruise ship serenely floats on calm waters, its sides adorned with the #savethesea message, under a clear blue sky, with a distant city skyline softly hazing on the horizon.

When arriving on the ship, I certainly wasn’t let down; it was packed with exciting features. I’ve made a list of some of the most fun MSC Euribia activities for families and adults to enjoy.

1. Interactive Splash Park

On Deck 19 of MSC Euribia, there is a vibrant splash park known as Aqua Park. It’s a space where kids and the family can have fun, especially on hot days. 

Kids will love the gigantic dump buckets that periodically fill and tip over, sending a cascade of water onto those below, along with water sprayers.

The Aqua Park on MSC Euribia is a splash-filled paradise with a large mushroom water fountain at the center, colorful water play equipment, and a rope bridge against the backdrop of the open sea and blue sky.

2. Water Slides

On MSC Euribia, the Aqua Park also has some great water slides. There is a mixture of slides, some suitable for the younger ones and some that prefer something a bit faster, such as a bowl slide that spins you round and round.

Overhead view of the colorful Aqua Park on MSC Euribia, showcasing a spiraling orange water slide, a spacious deck with geometric patterns, and the vast open sea stretching into the horizon under a clear blue sky.

3. Swimming Pools

On the MSC Euribia, I found that the pool options cater to all ages and preferences. The ship boasts five swimming pools: four outdoor and one indoor.

The main outdoor pool is at the centre of the ship, complete with cushioned sun beds. Here, families and friends relax in the sun and take a leisurely swim. 

There are also some smaller outdoor pools, which are great for quickly cooling off.

For those who are cruising when the weather might not be so great or prefer a more sheltered experience, the indoor pool is a great place to relax. Not only is there a pool, but also some other family entertainment options, such as table tennis and table football.

For added relaxation, I recommend the crescent-shaped hot tubs situated alongside the Main Pool. They’re ideal for unwinding after a day of cruising activities.

The Atmosphere Pool on MSC Euribia boasts a tranquil setting with crystal clear water, flanked by stylish sun loungers and elegant sculptures, under a vast open sky, inviting relaxation and leisure on the sun-drenched deck.

4. Himalayan Bridge

On board the MSC Euribia, I tried the ropes course as part of the ship’s Sportsplex.

The ropes course is strategically positioned at the ship’s aft, along with the Water Park, offering not only a challenge but also panoramic views. I found the design caters to various skill levels, from beginners to those who prefer something a bit more difficult. 

Prior to participating, I was equipped with a harness, and all participants were connected to a safety line to ensure peace of mind while navigating the course.

The course is inclusive and designed to allow adults and older children to experience this sky-high activity. It operates under certain weather conditions to guarantee the safety of all adventurers.

5. LED Ceiling

My experience with the MSC Euribia’s LED ceiling was nothing short of impressive. As you stroll through the central indoor promenade, you can’t help but take notice of the high-tech marvel.

The 305-foot LED screen stretches along the ceiling akin to a digital canvas. The LED ceiling changes throughout the day depending on what activities are going on at that time. It’s an integral part of the ship’s Galleria, presenting an array of stunning visuals that transform the space into a scene reminiscent of the glitz of Las Vegas.

6. Formula One Simulator

On board the MSC Euribia, I find one of the most enthralling experiences to be the Formula One Simulator. This piece of entertainment brings racing enthusiasts like me closer to the captivating world of F1 racing. 

With sophisticated technology, the simulator delivers an immersive feeling that replicates the high-speed thrills of Formula One. It mimics the cockpit of an actual F1 car, complete with a steering wheel and pedals, giving participants the genuine feeling of being an F1 driver.

To ensure you get a chance to experience the F1 Simulator, it’s wise to book a slot in advance, which costs €11 per person.

7. Sportplex

The Sportplex is a versatile space that can be transformed to host a variety of games and entertainment events, such as a basketball court, football pitch, or volleyball area.

There are a number of activities hosted on this throughout the day for kids and adults.

8. Bowling Alley

The entertainment area on MSC Euribia has a full-sized bowling alley with two lanes. There’s also a selection of arcade games nearby, adding to the fun-filled atmosphere.

9. Kids’ Clubs

MSC Euribia has five dedicated kids clubs for ages 0 to 17 years old. Kids can be entertained all day long with games, arts and crafts, competitions, parties and more!

Some of the features introduced for the MSC Virtuosa kids club include a silent disco and a Junior Detective game where they must solve puzzles in search of the truth.

10. MSC Cruises’ Baby Club

For parents like me looking for a brief respite, the Baby Club offers the perfect opportunity to ensure our youngest travellers are cared for while we take a moment for ourselves. 

There’s also the option to take part in activities that parents and under-threes can enjoy together. 

The Baby's Club on MSC Euribia offers a playful and safe environment for young children, featuring bright, cheerful murals, a variety of toys and games neatly organized on shelves, and child-sized tables and chairs for creative activities.

11. MSC Aurea Spa

While on the Euribia, I had the opportunity to use MSC Aurea Spa. It was great to have a couple of hours of true relaxation. This included the use of steam rooms, saunas, jacuzzis and more. 

The serene ambiance of the Aurea Spa on MSC Euribia is captured in this image, featuring a warm massage table, plush robes, and a neatly organized array of towels and spa amenities, creating an inviting space for relaxation and rejuvenation at sea.

12. Specialty Bars

The diversity of specialty bars ensures that every guest can find their preferred ambience and drinks menu. Here’s an insight into some of the bars and lounges:

  • Helios Wine Maker: This bar is a vino enthusiast’s haven. I can confirm that guests are treated to an extensive selection of fine wines. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to appreciate good wine.
  • Casino Bar: Coupled with the thrill of gaming, the Casino Bar is where you can sip on classic cocktails and enjoy the lively atmosphere.
A vibrant casino bar aboard an MSC cruise ship, featuring a circular bar with glossy red stools and a reflective black floor that mirrors the colorful neon lights and slot machines in the background.
  • Attic Club: As someone looking for a more vibrant nightlife experience aboard MSC Euribia, the Attic Club has a lot of energy with its dance floor and themed parties that draw in many guests each evening.
  • Masters of the Sea: Known for its British-style pub vibe, this venue resonates with me as it provides a cosy atmosphere to enjoy a wide range of beers and spirits while possibly catching live sports or engaging in pub quizzes.

13. Swarovski Crystal Staircases

One of the most captivating features on the ship is the signature Swarovski crystal staircases. Positioned prominently in the main atrium and select areas such as the MSC Yacht Club, they are a centrepiece of opulent design aboard this cruise liner.

Each step is artfully adorned with crystals that glitter in the ambient lighting, creating an enchanting effect. Each staircase costs over a whopping £1.5 million!

The opulent Swarovski crystal staircases inside MSC Euribia sparkle brilliantly, reflecting the intricate patterns of light across multiple levels of the ship's elegant interior, surrounded by sleek modern design elements and a tranquil lounge area below.

14. Delphi Theatre

The theatre on MSC Euribia has 945 seats where guests can enjoy live performances every evening with three sittings per night.

With its comfortable seating and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, the theatre offers a great experience. Here is how the weekly programme may look:

  • Circus 1920: A throwback show featuring death-defying acts reminiscent of the circus.
  • Generation Rock: A celebration of rock with hits from legendary artists.
  • Illuminicity: An original production known for its stunning visual elements.
  • Jukebox Live: Vocalists that bring to life the funk, soul, and rock n’ roll classics.

Aside from these scheduled shows, impromptu acts and smaller performances often pop up, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment at the Delphi Theatre. My advice is to check the daily schedule for the latest performances and to arrive early to get a good seat, as the theatre is quite popular among guests.

15. Carousel Lounge

When visiting the Carousel Lounge, I was greeted by a great atmosphere. This is a prime spot on the MSC Euribia, not just for its entertainment offerings but also for its design.

The lounge can accommodate approximately 400 guests and has a diverse programme of live performances, including big band sets and other genres. At the heart of the venue is a spacious dance floor, inviting guests to take part in dancing while enjoying the live music.

Guests enjoy a live performance in the Carousel Lounge on an MSC cruise ship, with the stage bathed in blue light and adorned with dynamic musical note decorations, as silhouetted spectators watch from the dimly lit audience area.

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